A Trip To France For Under £32: What’s Toulouse?

Yes. I went on holiday to Toulouse, France for under £32.

No. I’m not sorry for the cringey pun in the title.


Here’s the breakdown…

Ryanair flight – Weds 5th July – 07:15 Stansted » Toulouse 10:05 – £4.99

Whole Airbnb apartment – £22 per person

Ryanair flight – Thurs 6th July – 22:25 Toulouse » Stansted 23:10 – £4.99

Total = £31.98


“But how?!” Friends and family asked.

Student City Toulouse is situated in the South Western part of France, a couple hours drive from the Spanish border. Over the summer period, whilst students return to their home towns and many other residents flock to the nearby Pyrénées mountains and coastal cities such as Marseille, Toulouse is perfect for visitors. Not too crowded but most definitely far from a ghost town.

To reel the visitors in, accommodation comes at a very reasonable price. Many of the Airbnb’s I browsed were less than £50 a night, including service and cleaning fees.

I deliberately booked flights that enabled us to make the most of the two days; essential as we were only staying for one night. Skyscanner is your friend here. Skyscanner is always your friend when booking flights. Though, to get the best price you’ll need to spend a substantial amount of time tweaking your searches and signing up to various price alerts.

If you want to know how my trip to Toulouse was, read my review!


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