6 Mile Hike in The Peak District

I’d wanted to visit The Peak District for some time before we eventually did several weeks back, and oh it was well worth the wait. And as a bonus, because we’ve moved from London to Birmingham, it’s shortened the drive from 3 hrs to 1.5 hrs.

We headed there on a rainy Sunday, with no clue of where to visit. Winnats Pass, Mam Tor and the Kinder Scout National Nature Reserve all kept popping up in searches and of course I wanted to visit them all.

After stumbling by a lay-by right next to Mam Tor, we agreed to park up and explore and drive through Winnats Pass on the way home.

Tip: Don’t pay for parking, there’s lots of little lay-bys all around the area where you can park for free.

Car park views

The weather was typically British, as soon as we pulled up torrential rain appeared and I couldn’t open the car door without the wind slamming it shut. After sitting in the car like losers for 20 mins with our packed lunches, the rain settled and it was time to explore!

We hiked/walked/trudged (depending how many miles we’d walked at that point in time) for about three miles before heading back a slightly different route. The only problem with driving, you have to get yourself back to it! Oh well, nout wrong with seeing the same stunning views twice.

The Peak District National Park

The pathway seemed to be quite a popular one and next time it’d be great to explore one slightly more deserted. Much to Niamh’s dismay, I’m sure.

Niamh thought it’d be a great idea not to wear anything remotely waterproof and so with the heavy downpours her denim jacket didn’t do the trick. Luckily though, I predicted this and packed her an ’emergency poncho’. Just look how much she loved it!

Soaked through to my skin isn’t our prettiest look

Public transport in the North of England is dismal at best. To be honest, anywhere vaguely outside of the cities is pretty tragic. So getting yourself to the middle of a 1,437 km² National Park isn’t going to bode well if you don’t have a car. I’d recommend hiring a car for the day or if all else fails, catch a train to nearby Sheffield and hop on a bus to get a bit closer.


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