Lagom: Just The Right Amount

A couple months back I (and everyone signed up to the IKEA family card scheme) received an email from IKEA explaining their 2017 Live Lagom Project. The literal translation of ‘Lagom‘ from Swedish to English is ‘Moderate‘; a Swedish concept meaning ‘just the right amount‘.

IKEA’s Live Lagom Programme is in it’s third year and educates individuals in living a more sustainable life, by saving energy, money and water in everyday situations. The idea is that they give participants X amount of money to spend on some of their sustainable products and participants will attend 6 workshops on living lagom and sharing what they have learnt along the way.

I like to think I live a pretty sustainable life (we all do, right?), but realistically there’s always improvements to be made. I would love to reduce the amount of rubbish I produce, waste less food and ideally save more money.

Somehow, I was lucky enough to be picked by IKEA to take part in this fantastic project and I’m super excited to get started! I’ll be attending an induction in a couple of weeks at my local IKEA and I’ll write a few blog posts along the way highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of hopefully living a more sustainable life!

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