What To Pack For A Weekend In The Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle is an area of the world where the midnight sun and polar nights occur. At least one day a year, areas in the Arctic Circle receive 24 hours of daylight and once in the winter they receive zero. Everything in balance huh. Parts of countries that experience this include Greenland, Canada, Russia and Norway.

The Arctic Circle

We visited Tromsø this weekend, a small city situated in Northern Norway: Home to the most northern University, Brewery and Escape Room in Europe. The plan was to see the Northern Lights (I’ll go into that more in another post), but for now I’ll share with you what I packed for 3 days in Tromsø. This is also pretty much what I packed for a weekend in Estonia earlier in the year and can be applied to basically anywhere cold.

Everything I took to Tromsø

Now, if I had the appropriate editing tools here, I’d draw arrows and make this a little more visually entertaining. But I don’t, so stay with me kids.

hate paying for a checked bag. There’s nothing worse than nabbing a cheap flight and then paying £40 for the privilege of taking a big suitcase. Wherever I can, I always take hand luggage only to save on costs.

Thermals (top and trousers)
Long sleeve tops
Hat, scarf and gloves
Thermal socks
Waterproof and windproof winter coat
Boots appropriate for snow/hiking
Chelsea boots

Shower gel
Shampoo and conditioner
Skincare products
Make up (though I rarely used)

Bluetooth headphones (the dream)
Water bottle and flask
Feminist book (obvs)
Camera and a spare battery
Tripod (not pictured)
All of the chargers
European plug adapter and extension cable (life saver)
Rechargeable hand warmers

What else would you have packed that I didn’t? Let me know in the comments below!


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