How to Visit Norway on a Budget

As you probably know, Norway is not the cheapest holiday destination in the world. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t visit on a budget.

Niamh and I spent just over £325 each for the entire trip. This included flights, accommodation for three nights, a Northern Lights Tour and a small amount of spending money. Not a bad price for 3 nights in a very expensive country!

You’re probably thinking, how did we only spend £50 each (not including the Northern Lights Tour). We actually took food with us and cooked in our Airbnb. We knew how expensive the food would be out there and we simply couldn’t justify it. If we’d eaten out for every meal, this could have easily added a couple of hundred pounds each to our total.

See the breakdown per person…

Background vector created by Kjpargeter –

I’ll be writing a post on what we did in Tromsø, but in the meantime find out what I packed for a weekend in the Arctic!

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