Five Reasons Vegans Should Boycott Zoos

We all remember the killing of Harambe. It was May 2016 and some kid had managed to fall into a Gorilla enclosure at an Ohio Zoo. Harambe became interested in the child and after around 10 minutes a zoo keeper shot the 440lb gorilla to ‘save the child’. Apparently the gorilla wasn’t enjoying the screams of the onlookers and became agitated. Who’d have thought huh, being locked up and screamed at isn’t a fun activity!

If you’re a vegan, you probably have at least a little compassion for animals. Here’s my five reasons I believe zoos should be banned and why you shouldn’t visit them!

  1. No matter how visually pleasing some animal enclosures are for humans, the animals are not living in their natural environment and spend their whole lives amongst the same scenery. Much like animals bred for the meat/dairy industry!
  2. Polar bears naturally hunt in the arctic, lions survey the African savannas and pandas are only found in remote wet bamboo forests. Imagine wearing a huge fur coat in summer or having no coat in winter. This is what life becomes for these animals when you lump them together in one environment.
  3. Zoos love to invest huge amounts of money into breeding. This in turn attracts lots more visitors, media coverage and in turn, money. Would the money not be better spent on natural conservation?
  4. When occasionally an animal has managed to escape a zoo, it is often shot dead for fear of it harming the public. When in reality the animal didn’t ever want to be in the middle of say, Wales.
  5. As a vegan, you don’t think it’s your given right to eat animals, wear animals or test on animals. So why would you think it’s okay to lock them up so you can watch them for your entertainment on a boring bank holiday weekend?

I haven’t been to a zoo for probably 15 years and I really have no interest in doing so. Even when I visited as a child, I couldn’t grasp the fascination of watching animals that belonged in very different climates suffering for human enjoyment. Okay, as a counter point zoos have probably helped with the conservation of certain species. But at what cost? I certainly wouldn’t want to exist in a tiny enclosure for the entirety of my life merely to procreate – would you?



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