January Faves

I think we’d all agree January is a bit shit. To ease those blues, I treated myself to a couple of speciality vegan products and some washable cotton pads I’ve wanted to buy for a while. I’ve reviewed them for you to see. Click the titles to take you to the cheapest places I can find them online.


Sriracha Vegenaise

Having never tried vegan mayo before, I was slightly sceptical as to how this would taste. I soon discovered there was no disappointment in this jar my friend. The texture was exactly how I remembered real mayo and the addition of the sriracha really got my taste buds dancin’.


Unsure I’d manage to eat a whole jar before it went off was another concern I had, but lo and behold it’s not vacuum packed so you can go by the use by date on the jar! The date on my jar is the end of April; plenty of time to finish it.

I’ve used the Sriracha Vegenaise as a dip for Pringles, as an extra sauce in bean fajitas and even added a dollop to mashed potatoes.


I bought this from the Vegan Supermarket in Birmingham for around £3.50. The cheapest I can find it for online is £3.19 on The Vegan Kind. Well worth it for a treat and it lasts so long!


Tofurky Italian Style Sausages

I love vegan sausages; they’re a special thing when done right. Some of my faves include Linda McCartney’s (obvs), Fry’s and Cauldron’s. Tofurky’s are especially delicious. Okay a downfall is the price (about £3.50) and that you only get four in a pack. The taste of these Italian style sausages is wonderful, they really do ‘perk up your pasta’.


I added these lucky four, sliced into a gnocchi dish. Other vegan sausages can sometimes absorb the flavours of whatever you’re cooking (not a bad thing), but these really hold their own and add to the existing flavours.

These were also purchased from the Birmingham Vegan Supermarket. Again, the cheapest I can find them online is for £3.49 on The Vegan Kind.



Imse Vimse Washable Cleansing Pads

I’ve definitely become more conscious about my landfill waste recently. Having realised I go through three disposable cotton pads a day, totalling over 1000 a year, this was a great place to start. After lots of research, I bought Imse Vimse Washable Cleansing Pads as they had great reviews and could be washed up to 60°C.


These pads are perfect to remove eye and facial make up. Though a little rougher than disposable cotton pads, they do the job well and it almost feels like a mini exfoliation.

To clean them, I throw them in with my 60°C towel wash. It’s important to note you can’t use softener on them. As you can see below, they do leave a slight black staining on them, but I think that’s okay as I know they’re clean! Putting the pads in the mesh bag for washing was great as it kept them together, but it’s starting to come apart so I’m going to have to find something else to put them in.

Left: unused | Right: used and washed at 60°C

I paid £12 for these on Amazon. Have a look online though as there are plenty of similar products about!


So that’s my three favourite products of January – have you tried any of them out? Let me know!


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